lundi, mars 30, 2009


Je viens de remettre à jour mon site.
Vous y trouverez des planches et making of de ma nouvelle bd + des couvertures (dont Ellana 3).
Bondissez voir ça sur le!

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Anonyme a dit…

Bonjour monsieur Thouard,

Forgive me for writing in English, my French isn’t all too well.
I’m a student living in Gent, Belgium and I’m a great fan of your EdgarAllenPoe-editings, because the stories are very intriguing and the drawings are special and beautiful. Last week the second story was released in Dutch language. I’ve noticed you sign your books regularly. Unfortunately, I’m not able to get a signed comic book because I live in Belgium. I have found your e-mail address on your website. I wanted to ask if you would be so kind to send me a dedicated drawing by your hand, a beautiful drawing of William Wilson wearing his vintage coat. It would do me a great pleasure. Of course I’m willing to repay the postage. Thank you for your time and effort. Bien amicalement,

Thomas Baele

JL Thouard a dit…

Dear Thomas,
Let's send me your comic with a big letter and stamps (to send it back to Belgium). I'll sign your book with a W.Wilson sketch and send it back to you to Belgium.
Bien amicalement